2013 :

First worldwide performances of Monsieur Pif.

January 2012 :

Professional meeting with André Riot-Sarcey,
(Artistic Director and producer of Les Nouveaux Nez troupe). Searching Residence in La Cascade, House of Arts of Clown and Circus..

From 2009 to 2012 :

Professional training « Clown : writting, acting and staging ».
Discipline and intensive training.
180 hours with Emmanuel « Mimi » Liadouze (year 1992 of the National Center for Circus Arts).
Action supported by the Departmental Association for the Development of Living Arts - 56.

2011 :

Professional training : « Clown, his objects and his rythms », with Nikolaus (year 1991 of the National Center for Circus Arts), Company Pré-o-ccupé.
Action supported by the Carré Magique - National Center of the Arts of Circus in Brittany.

2010 :

Professional meeting with Joël Colas (year 1992 of the National Center for Circus Arts), Company A & O. Stunts and comical falls training with Mahmoud Louertani (6th year of the National Center for Circus Arts), Company XY. Miming training with Fabrice Eveno (Marcel Marceau School, Kabuki National School of Tokyo).
Action supported by the Grand T - Nantes - Stage with national agreement. Clown training and professional training with Nathalie Tarlet, Company Vis Comica. Theatre professional training : « The Stanislavski method » with Valéry Ribakov (State Academy of the Moscow Art Theatre) BEATEP "Theatre and Street Activities"
Artistic training : Street Arts / Jo Bitume Company - Theatre / Jean-Louis Gonfalone.

A Level in Sciences

Before, I can't really remenber...
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